The London native has produced chart-topping songs for powerhouse artists like Christina Aguilera (“Oh Mother” and “On our Way”), Fabolous, Rhianna (“First Time”), amongst many others. Qura has also afforded his expertise to the multi-platinum, Grammy Award-winning Donnie McClurkin for The (“Live in London”) project.

“Not only does the Super Me! Empowerment program help you build a road map to success in all aspects of your life, it kickstarts your creative and life abilities to reach new heights.”

Grammy Award-Winner
Composer, Producer, Performer


Laren Bright is an award-winning writer and three-time Emmy nominee. In addition to a rewarding career in advertising and promotions, Laren enjoyed his creative success as a staff writer and story editor for Hanna-Barbera Productions and Warner Bros. Animation.

“Trying to be creative is challenging enough. But when our creative process or approach to looking at things is different than the “norm” (whatever that is) it’s all too easy to fall into self-doubt, or worse, self-judgment. Imagine my elation to discover through Super Me! that not only was what others labeled my “problem” actually not a problem, it was my Super Power! It was like someone took off the chains I wasn’t even aware were holding me back and super charged my creativity.”