Discover your unique abilities with “Empowering Students” – a cutting-edge program designed to guide you, the student, in discovering your personal paths to success in all aspects of life.

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What do I get in my Empowering Students Program Package?

Empowering Students is appropriate for ages 13 and up to post graduates.
4 Steps to Empowering

Your Package includes complete access to all 4 steps of the program:

Empowering Programs - Connecting

Step 1: Connecting – the foundation of your journey with us.

Discovering a new perspective is like finding a hidden doorway to a world of solutions and opportunities you may not have known existed.

Your program begins by unlocking that hidden door through:

  • Engaging interactive processes and creative games crafted to connect you with the understanding that each of us thinks and processes information differently.
  • Information that expands your awareness that we each possess our own set of natural strengths and abilities or “Super Powers.” Just as fingerprints are one-of-a-kind, so are our perspectives and approaches.
Your path towards empowerment starts right here!
Empowering Programs - Discovering

Step 2: Discovery! — Revealing your unique paths.

In this step you engage with our “Discovery System” – our innovative questionnaire designed to expand your awareness of how you think, act, and react to different situations and challenges.

  • We call these traits your “Thinking Paths” and “Personality Paths.”
  • The results from your Discovery process provides a snapshot of your qualities, helping you make the most of the resources in the next steps of our program.
  • You gain initial access to the “Discovery System” process, with follow-up access every 6 months to track potential changes in your “Paths” and receive tailored solutions for your evolving self.
Empowering Programs - Empowering

Step 3: Solutions — Your toolbox of support.

As you will have discovered on your program journey so far, we each have our own natural abilities and individual “brand” of thinking, so “One solution does not fit all!”

  • Our “Treasure Box” was crafted to provide expert guidance, strategies and solutions to tackle each individual’s unique requirements. This empowering support system enhances your abilities to overcome challenges in various aspects of life, whether at home, work, school, or on your path of self-discovery.
  • Enjoy unlimited access to our exclusive “Treasure Box” and receive inspiring solution updates to continually enrich your personalized support system.
Empowering Programs - Enlightening

Step 4: Enlightening - The hub of expanded thought.

This gallery of creative solutions is just one of the features that makes our program unique!

  • This “Super Power” resource center is carefully designed to improve and expand your program discoveries and personalized solutions.
  • Here are some of the specialized resources available in this section:

• MUZ! – Music to Empower Your Life

Music has the power to shape your day, your environment and your life. It can bring ease, inspiration, and focus to your mind, and even motivate you to get up and move! Our “Empowering” programs grant you access to our original music collection by the award-winning composers Ashley & Franks (Socan / BMI). This collection is categorized into unique “energy” groupings to assist you in selecting the perfect music to optimize any of your environments — whether for studying, focusing the mind, energizing your day, reducing stress, engaging in physical activity, or simply achieving all of your goals.

• Quick Fixes – Workarounds for Common Conundrums

Over the years we’ve encountered common challenges that learners of all ages might face. We called upon our family of experts to compile a collection of easily adaptable ideas, processes and recommended apps to quickly resolve various challenges and daily life demands. Join us in exploring these innovative approaches!

• Stress Relief – Care for Those Who Study

Stress can significantly interfere with your ability to study, work, manage your overall health and life. Some of the most effective resources we have developed came out of our exclusive “Stress Relief Workshops.” Included in your “Empowering” program package is access to some of the specialized activities and resources from these exclusive workshops — including award-winning original music and downloadable activities. This collection of solutions offer you quick, easy and enjoyable ways to alleviate your daily, even hourly, stressors.

Stress can disrupt every aspect of your life, from school to work and home, potentially on a daily basis. Our Super Me! “Stress relief workshops” have introduced innovative and effective solutions to help people recognize and manage stress successfully throughout their day. Previously, these resources were exclusively available at our live, in-person workshops. However, the developers of our “Empowering” programs have found a way to bring some of these essential solutions directly to you, now featured in the “Enlightening” section of this program.

Bonus features included with your program package:

Founder’s Team Webinar

Optimizing Your Path to Empowerment: Unlock the power of your “Empowering” program with our Founder’s Team Webinar. Your package includes an exclusive invitation to a live virtual session with program founder Cori Ashley and her expert team. Join us to gain insights on optimizing your use of the program and its resources, offering a personalized perspective to boost your success.

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  • Gain access to continual additions and enhancements to the “Treasure Box” and “Enlightening” resources, such as new solutions for each of the gems in the treasure box, new processes and activities to assist with quick fixes, motivation and inspiration.
  • Access to new original music.
  • First in line access to any Webinars, Specialty Events or Live Conferences.
  • First-look previews and discounts on Super Me! expert webinar series, new programs and all associated “Empowering” products.
Empowering Students Program

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