Empowering Kids offers Parents, Counselors and Educators the opportunity to reveal each individual child’s “Thinking Path.”

This valuable information can provide life-changing insights into a child’s reactions, behaviors and potential obstacles in their educational and home experiences. Our research-backed ‘Treasure Box’ of easy and effective solutions, options and alternatives become your ultimate resource to guide children to their success on all levels.

Super Me! At Home – lets you bring the support, success and fun of “Super Me!” to your kids at Home.

This engaging empowerment program uses the innovation of interactive boredom busters — to help kids of all ages resolve academic, social and emotional challenges. With each activity, children discover their natural abilities — or “Super Powers,” to solve problems, diffuse issues and self regulate with ease. “Kids think they are playing…we know they are shaping their lives for a positive future.”

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Super Me! At Home - The Ultimate Interactive Video Experience for Kids and The Whole Family!

Enjoy hours of interactive games, engaging activities and original music – with problem solving and imagination challenges that really get your creative and ingenious mind going!