What We Do

Super Me! Programs support you in discovering and using your natural abilities to achieve success in every aspect of your life.

There Is Greatness In Every One Of Us


How We Help…

The different ways people think and process information may be likened to fingerprints. No two are exactly the same.

Although this makes us each uniquely amazing… it can also be the root of challenges and obstacles at work, school and in life.

Options and Solutions…

Super Me! Programs facilitates the path of self-discovery and success for Kids, Creatives and the Corporate World.

Are you ready to unlock your greatness?

SUPER ME! for Kids

Where children succeed simply by discovering themselves.

Empowerment is a special and essential tool we can offer our children. It gives them the opportunity to stand in the strength of who they are — and work through challenges with a “can do” attitude.

Super Me! Programs were created to make empowerment easier for parents, educators and counselors alike — and helps children to discover just how “super” they really are at school, home and in life.

SUPER ME! for Corporate Success

Celebrating the Rewards Of Empowerment In Business

Super Me! Programs helps you unlock your own greatness and bring out the best in those you work with.

Our innovative “discovery system” heightens your knowledge of how each of us thinks and processes information differently — and provides a veritable “Treasure Box” of solutions to empower every aspect of your work day.

The positive results pave the road to success on all levels — and your ability to show the world just how super your business is.

SUPER ME! for Creatives

Empowerment and Inspiration for the Creative mind.

If you are a “creative person,” you may find that you think, function and even see the world slightly differently than others around you.

Super Me! Programs not only understands what it means to be “creative” — we celebrate it.

Our program offers you innovative ways to discover your own “Brand” of thinking and offers you a virtual “Treasure Box” of solutions to empower your creativity and support your road to success in all aspects of your life.

Identify your own “Brand” of thinking

Super Me! Programs help you to optimize your ability to communicate and connect so that you can share your ideas with the world and enjoy participating in life.

We teach you the fundamental strategies to build your road to success.


Are you ready to unlock your greatness?


The London native has produced chart-topping songs for powerhouse artists like Christina Aguilera (“Oh Mother” and “On our Way”), Fabolous, Rhianna (“First Time”), amongst many others. Qura has also afforded his expertise to the multi-platinum, Grammy Award-winning Donnie McClurkin for The (“Live in London”) project.

“Not only does the Super Me! Empowerment program help you build a road map to success in all aspects of your life, it kickstarts your creative and life abilities to reach new heights.”

Grammy Award-Winner
Composer, Producer, Performer


Rhys Powell. President & Founder of Red Rabbit, a New York City-based company that works with over 150 public, charter and independent schools as well as Head Start programs to server more than 25,000 meals and snacks every day.

“I worked with Cori for one hour as she took me through the Super Me! Empowerment concept and experience. That one hour changed the way I think… about everything. Work, home – my life. How is this possible? I really never imagined that this simple a concept could have such a massive positive impact.”


Heather Harris Montessori and Public school educator, program developer and educational visionary – brings solutions, fun and powerful results to classrooms in Canada and around the world.

“Super Me! At School” brings my students the essential experience of “human connection” which helps in the prevention of bullying and mistreatment by promoting empathy and compassion. The program open the lines of communication, even between two contrasting personalities. I highly recommend this approach – there are many programs however, not many that accomplish what Super Me! Programs can in just 15 minutes.”


“There are moments when this world can be a tough place… so isn’t it time we bring our brilliance together and make things a little easier? In our “Super Me! Empowerment program you will come across the term “Creative Thinker”. I coined the term in honor of all of us (myself included) that use a variety of, sometimes outside the box solutions, options, and alternatives to get things done! Being creative means to be interpretive, but apparently that doesn’t go over well in math class! (Ha!) Take the time for yourself and experience the joy and relief of our programs. They were lovingly created to make your life easier.”


“As senior officer of guidance and counseling for all of the Country of The Bahamas, I see every type of challenge and issue. The “Super Me! At School” Program is one of the first programs I have seen that is able to address and resolve so many of these issues — and keep children engaged and entertained, all at the same time. This unique program experience has created a “big bang” effect in the schools. Students are using the “can do messages” to refocus and improve their lives- even at this elementary stage.”