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About Us

Who We Are

A group of best friends sit at a dinner table discussing our day, our work, our lives. Whether fate or fortune played a hand in bringing our creative hearts together, our diverse group consisted of an internationally acclaimed composer and empowerment facilitator, a family therapist and manager of a children’s help phone line, a naturopathic doctor and wellness expert as well as an extensively trained educator who spends most of her teaching time outside the preverbal box. 

As we shared our experiences, we discovered a common thread running through many aspects of our conversations. We came to call this energy “The Disconnect”. People, especially children, experiencing a disconnection from themselves and each other – often intensified by the struggle to cope learning differences, social challenges and the high speed of this now somewhat internet-based life. 

Each of us at the table could offer various options from our fields of expertise, yet, it was when we combined and connected our ideas together, that our solutions became both innovative and powerful. And so was born, “Global Shifts”. Our help organization to assist people, especially children, to live, love and learn with ease and excitement.

Our "Empowering" Family of Experts

The following people collectively make up the loving force and foundation upon which this book was created. Individually we each bring our own interests, talents, knowledge and experience to this program. Together, we are a family with a common vision. It is with our deepest gratitude that we bring you those who made this happen:

Cori Ashley - Co-Founder Global Shifts, Super Me! Empowerment Programs

Cori is the rare blend of visionary and actualizer who sees big things then makes them happen.

In one arena, she is an internationally acclaimed award-winning composer and producer. In another area, her vision and quest for making a difference in this world is best seen through the creation of Global Shifts, a help organization designed to help us all create positive shifts for ourselves, those we care about and ultimately the world around us.

Over the years, through her own personal experience, Cori has come to know that if given the correct tools, the opportunity and most of all the understanding and compassion to create a safe place, anyone and everyone can succeed.

It is her passion in life to create a safe place for all of us (especially Kids) to learn and grow with joy, enthusiasm and success on all levels. As Cori often says: "We created Super Me! Programs to help people, especially kids, discover everything that's right with them!"

Heather Harris - B.A., B.Ed.- Co-Founder Super Me! Programs

Heather’s passion for inspiring children and adults alike bring care and creativity to the forefront of Super Me! Empowerment Programs. Heather brings her extensive background in Montessori teaching systems, public educational curriculum and self-worth techniques to our programs and offers children easy and effective solutions to reach their goals and successes.

Heather brought her expertise to the table and began developing programs with us in 2007.

Without a doubt Heather remains a very special energy on our team and in our lives. Recently we attended a Montessori School reunion with Heather and it was more than evident how her teaching and caring abilities positively affected her graduates as they boasted their current successes were much in part due to their experience with “Ms. Harris at Montessori!”.

Heather’s roles in life present themselves as private, public or specialty school teacher, counselor, program co-developer, cherished family member, dear friend to many and effective and adoring step-parent.

Creating Super Me! alongside Heather is a radiant experience, surpassed only by the pure joy and excitement Heather shares when she sees those she teaches achieving their goals and embracing their own successes.

Melissa Cait - M.A., ABSNP, C.Psych

At Super Me! Programs we have had the privilege of working with some of the most extraordinary minds and hearts imaginable - and then there is Melissa. Melissa is a registered psychologist in the field of educational and school psychology and she has a diplomate in school neuropsychology.

She has worked in various school districts, been an advisor to the Children’s Aid Society and is the founder and director of Cornerstone Psychological Services. She has close to 30 years of experience and treasures all of the knowledge she has acquired through her many interactions with clients, parents and professionals.

Being a mother to her own children has taught her that kids don't come with a user guide. Love is what sustains and drives us but keeping our hearts and our minds open is what leads us to new possibilities and to networking and learning from others.

Melissa is truly one of the driving forces behind the innovative resources and wisdom we offer throughout our Super Me! Empowerment Programs.

Andrea Birnbaum - B.A., B.Ed.

For more than two decades, Andrea has continued to make a positive difference to children as a public school teacher with a primary focus in special education. Andrea brings experience, understanding and a wonderful sense of compassion to the Super Me! team. With her commitment to all children, Andrea transitioned into the role of psychoeducational consultant at Cornerstone Psychological Services.

Her credits in the educational world include majoring in psychology and attaining additional credentials in special education, collaborative problem solving and mindfulness. Andrea’s greatest joy and gift is in her ability to connect with and understand children and their parents alike.

She has a warm and energetic personality, a keen intellect to draw out the best from everyone around her — and takes a tremendous interest in generating meaningful tools to help children and those who care for them, in all facets of life. We are very excited to welcome Andrea to our Super Me! Team as she ports a light that will take us all to compassionate and joyous places.

The place where Melissa & Andrea base their brilliance…

Cornerstone Psychological Services is a private clinic in the Toronto (Canada) area. It consists of assessment and treatment teams that work with individuals and their families with common as well as complex needs including: learning disabilities; giftedness; motivation; executive functioning; attention based disorders; autism spectrum disorders; developmental disorders; anxiety; depression; family and other mental health issues.

Cornerstone’s commitment to their clients is to provide a consistently professional, warm and meaningful experience. Through their kind, knowledgeable and motivated team, their goal is to provide practical support so their clients can more easily reach their potential and attain success in school, work and life.

Cornerstone Psychological Services
Thornhill, Ontario, Canada

Dr. Michael Meade ND, RA

Michael is a Psychotherapist and Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine in private practice. Before entering the health field Michael enjoyed teaching elementary school. Michael is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario, The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, and the University of Toronto. Michael enjoys working with individuals, couples and families and has a unique approach of combining naturopathic and psychotherapeutic principles to help his clients achieve physical and mental health.

Drawing from his own experience in many areas of therapy including his time as lead at Toronto's "Kids Help Phone" and a vast history of managing and supporting children through their mental, emotional and physical challenges, Michael easily took his place as one of the founding developers of our Super Me! Programs.

Michael’s diverse abilities also created a solid foundation for our newest series “Empowering” – a solution-based series that looks at the benefits of knowing more about our unique and individual personalities, actions, behaviours and the awareness that each of us think and process information differently.
To learn more or contact Michael Meade visit

Mazorian "Zoe" Powell former SEO of the Guidance Counseling Unit Bahamas

To describe Zoe Powell as merely an educator or counselor pales in comparison to the positive impact Mrs. Powell has had on the lives of thousands of students, patrents, educators and counselors in not only her home in The Bahamas, but in this world. With a Bachelor of Science (Honours) with a Major in Psychology and a Minor in English Literature from Bethune-Cookman University, Mrs. Powell was initiated into the Gamma Tau Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

She also completed a Masters Degree in School Counseling at Long Island University, NY.

Recently Mrs. Powell retired from her long-standing position as the Senior Education Officer, Guidance Counseling Unit, Department of Education in The Bahamas and remains a member of the Nassau Chapter of The Links, Inc.

As a major rock that we lean on for guidance, brilliance and wisdom, Zoe is also our sister in supporting and developing our essential empowerment programs created to help children develop, retain and apply positive and confident ways of thinking and functioning in all aspects of life.

As Zoe likes to say, "Super Me! Programs are interactive, entertaining and engaging programs that allow children to discover just how Super they truly are. The results are quick, easy and permanent."

What We Do

Super Me! Programs are Universal Character Building programs focused on offering children a safe and effective place to succeed simply be being themselves. Our engaging programs are built upon a foundation of original interactive processes, creative games, activities and award-winning music – carefully engineered to result in a guaranteed success for the child each step of the way. 

Super Me! Children find EMPOWERMENT as they recognize and use their own natural abilities or “Super Powers” to solve problems, meet challenges, and enjoy academic, social and personal success. Their successes transform how they view themselves and others leading the way to positive shifts in their attitude and behavior. 

From the very first 15 minute Super Me! interactive experience, children begin to transform. Each and every process, game, story or experience with Super Me! creates a guaranteed positive response and result. Each offers children the opportunity to know that they can do things beyond what they think they can, and it requires only that they be themselves to do it. 

Their new found confidence and abilities carry over into their social and academic willingness to try – and ultimately succeed. They have a visceral experience that they are truly a “Super Me!” and have ”Super Powers” to cope with this world.

How We Do It

We have come to think that a lifetime of experience, even a young person’s lifetime, takes months or years to change. That’s not always true and The Science Behind Super Me! proves it. 

Everything a child experiences creates efficient little storage units in their brain called “Information Pathways”. The type of experience will determine whether they create a Negative Path or a Positive Path. Positive Paths translate into supportive thoughts, feelings and actions that can guide that child to their success. 

The more Positive Paths we create, the more resources that child has to overcome obstacles, fears and unsupportive patterns. Super Me! programs instantly and consistently produce positive experiences—which create these essential Positive Pathways. So we quickly see children expressing joy, confidence, excitement, conflict-resolution, connection, acceptance, and more. With in the program, we see children discovering and developing the use of their “Super Powers”. 

These powers serve as a consistent and continual support system for the creation and anchoring of these essential and effective Positive Pathways. They literally re-wire children’s brains for success.

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