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Erin Davis

“The Gratitude Gain”

Erin is an award-winning broadcaster, who hosts two podcasts, writes a regular and widely-read blog at and is pleased to be a moderator and contributor, developer with Super Me! Programs for over a decade. In addition to being a sought-after public speaker and emcee, Erin is author of the Canadian bestselling memoir Mourning Has Broken: Love, Loss and Reclaiming Joy (HarperCollins) about the sudden and tragic loss of her 24-year-old only child (herself a broadcaster, and a mom to a seven-month-old son). The book details a life’s experiences as well as lessons learned as Erin and her husband grieved and healed publicly while finding their way to a whole new life.

*A note from Cori: Erin has been a foundation of talent, strength and humour throughout our mutual careers. She is our sister and we are amazed by her daily.

Erin, for you we are truly grateful.

Michael Galyon

“Deciphering the life code”

Michael is an ICF accredited professional life and business coach on a mission to create a calmer, kinder, and more connected world. With a background in corporate leadership, education, and the creative arts, Michael brings a unique blend of calm and focus to his coaching that helps clients quickly zero in on the areas of their life or business that require a shift and quickly gets them in motion towards their goals. Michael brings a holistic approach to his coaching sessions and utilizes the core energy coaching methodology as well as guided mediation and a variety of development tools curated to fit the needs of each client. He is available for 1:1 coaching sessions, personal and professional workshops and keynote speeches, and each month hosts two sections of his popular group coaching.

*A note from Cori: Michael is an exceptional addition to our “Super Me! Family” - bringing with him a wisdom and light that truly illuminates our efforts. Look for Michael on Tik Tok - he will truly ease your day.

Cori Ashley

“Everything Empowered”

Cori is the rare blend of visionary and actualizer who sees big things then makes them happen. In one arena, she is an internationally acclaimed composer and producer (and no slouch as a singer, either). From her originally composed CDs to her innovative musical scoring for television & films for National and International Networks including such productions as World Vision, Operation Smile, Mercy Ships, to her ultimate passion – original songs for recording artists, Cori shares her gratitude for the abundance of SOCAN and TELLY awards she has acquired in the professional music and visual arts industries.

In another area, her vision and quest for making a difference in this world is best seen through the creation of “Global Shifts” and the Super Me! Empowerment Programs. They say the best families are those collected along the way… and Cori was blessed with the best of the best. Her select group of “experts” make up the “Global Shifts Team”. A true family that not only brings their phenomenal smarts and life experience to the table, they bring heart, spirit and a joy for supporting this world. Together, they truly create a shift for the positive.

To learn more or contact Cori visit:

Laren Bright

“Wit & Wisdom”

Laren is a three-time Emmy-nominated award-winning writer of children’s animation, has authored a metaphysical humor book, and co-authored several children’s and YA books. He has been a student of spiritual thought, personal growth, and human beings possibly since the invention of fire, definitely since the invention of the wheel. (Wait, which came first? Rats, can’t remember.) 

*A note from Cori: Laren is a founding member of our Super Me! Program team, lending his extraordinary talents and insights to each and every program, book and “outside the box”crazy idea we sent in his direction. Super Me! wouldn’t be half as “Super” if it weren’t for Laren.

Dr. Michael Meade ND, RA

“Mind over it doesn’t matter!”

Michael is a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine and Psychotherapist in private practice.  Before entering the health field Michael enjoyed teaching elementary school.  Michael is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario, The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, and the University of Toronto.  Michael enjoys working with individuals, couples and families and has a unique approach of combining naturopathic and psychotherapeutic principles to help his clients achieve physical and mental health. 

As one of the founding developers of the Super Me! Programs, Michael’s diverse abilities created a solid foundation for our newest series “Empowering” – a solution-based series that looks at the benefits of knowing more about our unique and individual personalities, actions, behaviours and the awareness that each of us think and process information differently.

*A Note from Cori: You know when you need someone to talk to, and you need that person who will always say exactly what you need to hear in that moment, this is Michael. The most amazing mind and the best heart hugs in the world.

Check your inbox for a new “surprise” presenter each day — and a few extra little gifts along the way. Share this support with those you care about, and know that we’re here for you.

Enter Your Email Address Below