Empowering Programs
Empowering Programs

Step into the world of "Empowering!" – an innovative, interactive program designed to unlock the keys to your success by delving into your unique "Thinking Paths" and "Personality Paths." Here, thinking differently is your right of passage. Your journey to empowerment begins now.

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How does “Empowering" pave your road to success?

  • Each of our brains are wired differently, but our world often treats education, work, and social situations as if one approach fits everyone. This can be tough when dealing with new situations or tasks that aren’t in line with our natural abilities.
  • Our “Empowering” programs help you discover how your brain processes information and behaves—referred to as “Thinking Paths” and “Personality Paths.” These paths become your personal guides to success in every aspect of life.
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What are your “thinking and personality paths?”

  • Your “Thinking Paths” showcase how you process, store, and recall information. Each individual path guides how you use the information and skills to overcome challenges.
  • Your “Personality Paths” are influenced by your personal history and experiences and reflect how you act, react, relate, make choices, and find solutions.
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How does the program work?

  • “Empowering” uniquely blends your “Thinking and Personality Paths” with tailored, solutions and continued support to guide you to your success on all levels.
  • Our innovative and interactive programs lead you on a journey through the 4 simple yet powerful steps: Awareness, Discovery, Solutions, and Empowerment.

4 Program Steps

Step 1: Connecting

Enjoy a series of interactive and engaging games and activities that give you the opportunity to experience first-hand the power of knowing that each of us thinks and processes information differently — which is the key to your success with this program.

Step 2: Discovery

Our interactive “Discovery System” guides you through a series of questions and statements designed to assist you in effectively pinpointing your distinctive combination of “Thinking and Personality Paths.”

Step 3: Empowering

Your insights from the “Discovery System” help you to navigate a virtual “Treasure Box” containing personalized solutions, options, and approaches. This resource is designed to assist you in overcoming a wide variety of situations and challenges across all aspects of life.

Step 4: Enlightening

In this section you gain access our premier resource center created to support your continuous journey of empowerment. Maximize your path to success with interactive processes, original music, quick fixes, and a cutting-edge stress relief support system—elevating, energizing, and igniting your daily empowerment.

Your “Empowering” journey begins here.

Empowering Kids

Where parents, educators and counselors discover what children need to succeed.

“Empowering Kids” is an innovative evaluation and empowerment system created especially to help Parents, Educators and Counselors determine what each individual child needs to reach their success — on all levels.

Recommended for kids ages 7 to 12.

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Empowering Students

Connecting students with their natural abilities to achieve educational and personal success.

“Empowering Students” is a self-guided system that helps you, the student, discover your own unique methods of thinking and processing information – and how to ultimately apply your natural strengths and abilities to heighten your academic and personal success — on all levels.

Recommended for students secondary school and up. Provides valuable insights for students of any age. Younger students may require adult assistance.

Recommended for students 14 years old straight through to post grad!

Empowering Creatives

Empowering celebrates you and supports you as a creative thinker.

“Creatives” are those of us who “download ideas” out of nowhere and proceed to invent, design, actualize and manifest anything and everything. “Empowering Creatives” offers easy and effective solutions to help inspire and support your path to success.

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Empowering Leadership

Designed for those taking a leadership role in business, teamwork and group success!

“Empowering Leadership” is an innovative approach that gives you an inside look at one of our most essential resources. The understanding that people process information in different ways — and knowing how to achieve optimal results by “Empowering” each job, project, vision and team.