Mazorian “Zoe” Powell – Bahamas

SEO Guidance Counseling Unit

The Super Me! at School Program experience has created a “big bang” effect in the schools. Students are using the “can do messages” to refocus and improve their lives- even at this elementary stage. Within the first Super Me! in class experience, we saw students fully engaged and creatively taught aspects of character education via the various learning styles. Additionally, the messages of positive self-esteem and capability are powerfully delivered using games, role-playing and most importantly, music- in all of which the students are totally absorbed. Super Me! at School is a WOW experience, where students become inspired and excited to transfer the information to friends and family. Each activity focuses on a Super Me! concept that reinforces positive social growth and development. They are literally talking and playing-participating unaware, in their own learning. The program guides students as they examine self-concepts and motivates them to improve their academics, their ability to reason and most of all their sense of self.