Rhys Powell. President & Founder of Red Rabbit, a New York City-based company that works with over 150 public, charter and independent schools as well as Head Start programs to server more than 25,000 meals and snacks every day.

“I worked with Cori for one hour as she took me through the Super Me! Empowerment concept and experience. That one hour changed the way I think… about everything. Work, home – my life. How is this possible? I really never imagined that this simple a concept could have such a massive positive impact.”


“There are moments when this world can be a tough place… so isn’t it time we bring our brilliance together and make things a little easier? In our “Super Me! Empowerment program you will come across the term “Creative Thinker”. I coined the term in honor of all of us (myself included) that use a variety of, sometimes outside the box solutions, options, and alternatives to get things done! Being creative means to be interpretive, but apparently that doesn’t go over well in math class! (Ha!) Take the time for yourself and experience the joy and relief of our programs. They were lovingly created to make your life easier.”